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Your Emergency Dentist Can Treat Your Child’s Cracked Tooth

November 4, 2017

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A dental emergency.After a long day of playing in the park, you yell to your son to come back so you can start dinner. You see them running towards you, big smile on their face and you’re ready to pick them up and give them a big kiss. Unfortunately, as they get closer they trip and land face first in the grass.

What looked like a simple fall actually became a trip to your emergency dentist. A hidden rock has split your child’s tooth in half and you’re not sure what to expect. Let your dentist give you a breakdown.

The Reasons a Tooth May Crack

If a patient regularly clenches and grinds their teeth, consumes hard food like candy or ice, or experiences a dental injury, their tooth can crack under the pressure. If pulp inside the tooth becomes exposed, the nerves and blood vessels can cause significant pain.

If you notice a sudden pain after eating, especially if the food is extremely hot or cold, your tooth may have cracked and will need to be treated by an emergency dentist. However, teeth can also crack without you noticing, so it’s important to check your teeth regularly for damages that may have occurred earlier. If you do notice a crack, consider the following steps.

The First Steps After Cracking a Tooth

When a tooth breaks, it becomes incredibly easy for bacteria to enter through it and access vulnerable areas, including the pulp, gums, and supporting bone underneath. If this happens, call your dentist office as soon as you notice the damage to your tooth. If you’re experiencing a lot of pain, contact your emergency dentist for same-day treatment.

If you can’t make it to your dentist that day, use extreme caution when brushing or consuming foods. Don’t brush too hard or eat hard foods that could worsen the damage. Your dentist can also provide advice over the phone until you’re able to visit.

What Your Emergency Dentist Will Do to Help

After examining the damage, the dentist will determine the best treatment for saving your tooth. Depending on the severity of the crack, your dentist may only need to install a new filling or use a bonding material to restore the chipped section. They may also decide to place a crown on top to shield it from bacteria.

However, if the fracture is more severe your dentist may need to perform endodontic surgery to remove the cracked portion. Your tooth may also need to be extracted if the crack extends into the pulp. Regardless of the procedure, the intention is to protect your mouth from contracting an infection or allowing more bacteria to spread to other areas.

Don’t try to solve a cracked tooth on your own. Contact us for same day emergency care for you and your family!

About the Author

Dr. Dallas Steele earned his doctorate from Howard University and continues his education on advanced many family and restorative dental techniques, including same-day crowns, digital x-rays, laser dentistry, and more. To learn more about his practice and their dental emergency services, you can contact him at (602) 978-9794 or visit his website.

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