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Healthy Easter Treats from Your Dentist in Glendale AZ

March 16, 2016

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dentist in Glendale AZIn just a couple of short weeks, Easter will be here, which means it’s time for Easter eggs, amazing Spring weather, and lots of yummy treats. As you start putting together Easter baskets, we ask you to keep one very important thing in mind—the health of your child’s teeth. While it’s common to load Easter baskets with candy and other sugary goodies, by doing so, you are putting your child’s teeth at risk. As your family dentist in Glendale AZ, we have a number of alternatives you can use instead of candy.

Sugar and Your Child’s Teeth

This Easter, we are encouraging you to avoid adding candy into your child’s Easter basket. Even though it’s just one day, the sugar in the candy can produce damaging results on your child’s teeth. It’s a well-known fact that sugar leads to tooth decay, which is especially true in children. We naturally have bacteria in our mouths, which we remove as much as possible with brushing and flossing. However, young children often don’t brush or floss well, causing an accumulation of bacteria and plaque to be left behind. When a child eats sugar, the sugar is naturally attracted to the bacteria, causing it to turn into acid. This acid will quickly begin to eat away at a child’s enamel, leading to a cavity.

While many parents think brushing after eating candy is enough, this often isn’t the case. Young children miss very critical areas in their mouth that are prone to cavities, like the crevasses in the surfaces of the back molars. As a result, the sugars and bacteria stay trapped in these hidden spots, increasing the risk for cavities.

We understand that treats are often a child’s favorite part of an Easter basket, which is why we are here to offer some yummy, healthy alternatives to candy that your child will still love.

Healthy Easter Baskets from Your 85308 Dentist

As a family dentist, we want to see your entire family maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for a life time, which is why we want to keep your family’s teeth healthy, even during the holidays. This year, instead of including a huge chocolate rabbit in the Easter basket, ditch the candy for something healthy, like carrot-shaped goody bags filled with Goldfish Crackers. Here are some of our favorite ideas for healthy Easter baskets:

  • Colorful hard-boiled eggs
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables like Clementine’s
  • Dried fruit
  • Nuts
  • Granola or trail mix
  • Home-made baked treats shaped like carrots and rabbits.
  • Tortilla chips or pretzels

Don’t forget other fun and healthy treats, like those that stimulate the brain. Include yummy treats for the brain like books, puzzles, trivia games, or even note pads to write down their thoughts.

Happy Easter

At Arrowhead Foothills Dentistry, we understand the excitement surrounding Easter baskets. This year, give them something healthy to be excited about with alternatives to candy. If they ask why there isn’t candy this year, use it as an opportunity to explain the importance of keeping the teeth strong and healthy. From our family to yours, Happy Easter from your dentist in Glendale AZ.

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