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Get a Straight Smile with ClearCorrect Braces in Glendale

Straight, well-aligned teeth are important to your oral health and your confidence. Now, you have plenty of options to straighten your smile with braces in Glendale. Among one of the most preferred treatments is ClearCorrect. Unlike traditional braces, no metal wires or brackets are used. Instead, custom-made aligners are worn over the teeth to move them into their correct position. Although many tend to believe this treatment is the same as Invisalign, there are clear differences between the two. At Arrowhead Foothills Dentistry, we provide ClearCorrect in Glendale to allow you to straighten your smile with a confident choice.

Benefit from a Clear Choice

ClearCorrect uses a series of clear, removable aligners that are worn over the teeth to move them into position. After performing a consultation to ensure you are a candidate for treatment, we take impressions and images of the teeth to create a series of custom-made aligners. Using a 3D model of your teeth, your treatment plan is mapped out to show the gradual progression of your treatment as the teeth are repositioned.

The computerized representation allows you to see your teeth in their correct positions and their final positions to provide you with a clear image of the results you can expect. After the aligners are created, you will begin wearing each aligner for about 3 weeks. Each phase of treatment allows us to control the treatment.

You will wear the aligners at all times, except for when eating, drinking, and caring for your teeth and the aligners. As you progress through each aligner in the series, you will start to see your teeth slowly move into their correct positions. While you undergo treatment, you will require check-ins with our office so we can monitor the progression of your treatment.

The length of your treatment will vary depending on the severity of your alignment issues. On average, treatment can take one to two years to complete. We offer three different treatment plans. With the unlimited option, you will be provided with as many aligners as you need to achieve a straight smile. With the limited 12 option, you will use 12 sets of aligners to correct your alignment. For those with minor alignment issues, the limited 6 option may be best. This involves a series of 6 aligners to straighten the teeth.

When compared to traditional metal braces, you benefit from a more comfortable and sophisticated treatment. You will enjoy a shorter treatment time without restrictions while gaining added convenience. Throughout your treatment, you will smile confidently knowing the aligners are virtually invisible.

Get a Straight Smile Today

If you are interested in clear braces in Glendale, you will need a consultation to ensure you are a candidate. Teens and adults who have crowded teeth, spacing between teeth, or overbites are often candidates. In addition, the aligners can be used to treat underbites or rotated teeth.

Although the aligners can cost more than traditional braces, we offer affordable options to meet your budget. We work with many dental insurance companies, while also offering an Internal Dental Plan. In addition, we accept all major credit cards and work with 3rd party financing, like CareCredit.

If you are ready for a straight, confident smile, it is time to benefit from the clear choice in orthodontics. Contact Arrowhead Foothills Dentistry today to schedule your consultation.