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Same Day Emergency

Don’t delay in seeking attention for a dental emergency. No matter the situation, successful treatment requires prompt care -- and you’re losing valuable time with each minute that you wait to call your emergency dentist in Glendale AZ. We provide same day emergency care for families and individuals at Arrowhead Foothills Dentistry.

Is Your Situation a Dental Emergency?

Too often, adults are reluctant to call the emergency dentist because they aren’t sure if their situation warrants urgent care. How to determine if you’re experiencing a dental emergency? A good rule to abide by is this: if you’re in pain, or if you’re bleeding from your mouth, you should seek care immediately. A healthy mouth doesn’t hurt, and an aching tooth won’t get better on its own.

Some of the most common situations we treat at Arrowhead Foothills Dentistry include:

  • A tooth that’s been broken or knocked out
  • Severe toothache or abscess
  • Broken crown or filling
  • A foreign object lodged between the teeth
  • Laceration to the soft tissues of the mouth (gums, tongue, cheeks, lips)

This list is by no means exhaustive, as dental emergencies come in all forms. Remember that if you sense something has gone wrong with your dental or oral health, the best thing to do is play it safe and call your dentist in Glendale AZ immediately.

What To Do After Dental Trauma

After you or a loved one have had a tooth knocked out or experienced any other oral trauma, there are a few things to keep in mind to increase the chances of saving your tooth and reducing your pain in the meantime.

First, remember the most important rule of any emergency: keep your composure. Panicking will likely exacerbate the situation, and it’s easier to make good decisions when calm. Next, call Arrowhead Foothills Dentistry as soon as possible and let us know you are experiencing a dental emergency. We’ll get you in to see the doctor as soon as possible. We can also provide necessary advice over the phone to help you deal with your situation in the meantime.

Managing Pain, Bleeding, and Swelling

You’ll likely experience pain, bleeding, and/or swelling as a result of your dental emergency. You can control all of these side effects with the following tips.

  • Pain: Take an over-the-counter pain medication to reduce discomfort related to your dental trauma.
  • Swelling: Apply an ice pack in 10-minute intervals, with 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off, to the affected cheek.
  • Bleeding: Apply gentle but persistent pressure to the wound with a clean gauze to slow bleeding. If blood flow does not stop or slow after 10 minutes, head straight to the emergency room.

Prepare Yourself for Your Next Urgent Situation

There’s no planning for any emergency, but you can help yourself be more prepared by knowing what to do when it happens to you. Contact the Arrowhead Foothills Dentistry after-hours hotline (602) 353-7259) as soon as possible for the dental care you need, right when you need it!